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Parts have shipped, arriving in June!

Parts have shipped, arriving in June!

We have some great news! The custom manufactured parts we need to build our dialtune snare drums have shipped! Our freight company loaded them on the ship this week and has confirmed that they are estimated to arrive here in Seattle on June 6th! *high fives all around*

montage of images showing dialtune parts packed in boxes

This may not look like much to you. But this is the most amazing thing we’ve has seen in months! You’re looking at hundreds of drums worth of custom manufactured parts. They’ll take their sweet time to get here via boat ride, but God is good! We are so thankful for the support of this incredible drum community. Y’all have stuck with us, encouraged us, and keep the flame alive.

What does this mean for you? If you’ve been sitting on the fence ready to pull the trigger, we will be shipping our revolutionary dialtune snare drums starting in June!!

Team dialtune is pumped, well caffeinated, and eager to get back to work building your drums. The wait is almost over!


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