We're thrilled to announce Guitar Center now carries dialtune snare drums! This makes dialtune the first cable tuned drum sold by the American music retailer chain, and marks an important milestone validating that cable tuning is ready for mass market adoption.

Tuning and Mic Placement Comparison

One drum that can play different genres, effortlessly. That’s dialtune. Using separate dials for the top and bottom heads, dialtune allows you to more quickly find the exact sound you’re looking for in your snare - with each lug point in tune with the next. Yes, tuning lugs is an art, it can even be Zen for drummers, but at the end of the day efficiency and creative expression matter - and that’s what dialtune provides.

What snare case or bag fits dialtune's 6.5x14" drums?

We're back for another edition of "What [insert gear] fits my dialtune snare?". In today's post, we're going to talk about snare cases and provide some options we've battle-tested for durability and strength. Given dialtune's oversized 14" hoops, most 6.5x14" snare cases will fit, but that fit may be a little snug. Here are some options.

What snare stands fit dialtune's 6.5x14" drums?

One of the most consistent questions we receive is "What snare stand should I use for my 6.5x14" dialtune snare drum?". The short answer is you can make nearly any stand "work", but given the weight and oversized hoops on dialtune, some snare stands work better than others.

2020. A Year In Review

Congratulations everyone! We've made it to the end of 2020. In what feels like a decade ago, dialtune launched officially in January. In less than 12 months, we've seen dialtune reach the corners of the industry - championed by drummers of all skill levels and experience.

Founders Thoughts

Bryan Bedson from dialtune here. I am beginning a monthly blog post titled “Founder’s Thoughts” where I will be letting you into some of my process in this journey of building and growing dialtune. The theme for this month is hope.


September has been an incredible month!  The word is definitely getting out as we have seen a huge increase in orders.  We launched new shell materials, we had a blast with the dialtune demo weekend, we kicked off a few collaborative projects and more!

Announcing Acrylic and Brass shells

Starting today we're taking pre-orders for dialtune snares featuring acrylic and brass shells that will ship this fall. Our pre-order quantities are extremely limited - so order yours today!

Sounds Like A Drum: Dialtune Snare Spotlight

Who would have thought that tuning a snare drum could be as simple as spinning a pair of dials? With one to control batter side tension and another to control snare side, the Dialtune snare is raising the bar when it comes to fast head changes and tuning capability.

Watch us throw dialtune off the roof

Why did we make this video? The answer is simple. We built dialtune to be as rugged and road-ready as any drum on the market. And the only way to prove it is to demonstrate, even if painful, what our system is truly capable of.

Come experience dialtune for yourself!

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the new dialtune showroom and demo space overlooking beautiful Lake Union in the Fremont district of Seattle!

Dialtune Snares In-Stock and Available Today!

Dialtune drums are in stock and shipping today! To celebrate this milestone, over the next two weeks we're offering free shipping and a dialtune crew hat with every snare order. See post for details.
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