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This thing is a gold mine. I can easily get all kinds of sounds tuning wise and now I also have a half dozen different snare heads at the ready which I can throw on at the drop of a hat which means super happy clients.

Matt Taylor
Recording Studio Owner

Time is money

Dialtune greatly simplifies tuning so you can find the exact sound you're looking for, faster! Tune the top and bottom heads without moving the drum or mics around. You'll be the recording engineer's best friend.

Explore more sound

In addition to a broader tunable range, Dialtune lets you quickly experiment with different heads thanks to our quick-release hoops. More options, more readily accessible.

Made for the studio

Dialtune has been engineered to cut through the mix and sound great no matter the recording environment. One snare with the versatility of ten, this utility drum works as hard as you do.

"The range of tones is mind-boggling, with the ability to reach (and hold) really tight and snappy tones, or dark, washy, robust tones when tuned down." - Slater Swan, Tape Op

Featured on tracks

The snare for audiophiles

When I asked the guys for a reference point on the drum sounds, we listened to Warpaint and Reach For The Sun by The Dangerous Summer. Open, roomy drums, and Warpaint in particular has a beautifully undampened snare sound so I tried my best to do the FNL version of that drum picture.

We shot out all my snares and settled on the Brass Dialtune. My 5” Ludwig Supraphonic was probably a little closer to the reference, but the Dialtune had this beautiful resonance to it. And because the songs are quiet fast, we decided on a slightly higher snare tuning which the 6.5” brass Dialtune holds a little firmer in a rock song.

Bob Cooper

Music Producer / Mixing / Mastering

I am a producer, session drummer, and touring musician and in all my experience I have yet to find a drum that can do it ALL until now

Garrett P. Tyler
Drummer | Producer | MD | Educator

Great recording sound

Made for the studio

In the studio, no snare adapts as quickly as the Dialtune. I was always surprised at how quickly I could replicate any recorded snare sound by listening to the track while tuning the drum and listening back in the other. The proof is in the “Get That Sound” series. It never took me more than 5 minutes to match any snare sound I wanted.

Cole Paramore

Drummer / Educator / Music Producer

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  • Spend less time tuning, more time playing
  • Tune and change heads without moving microphones
  • Snares that easily adapt to any environment
  • Pro-sounding snares that work hard
  • Backed by our Drummer Advisory Board

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