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You know it's a great snare when your front of house engineer walks all the way through an arena to the stage to see what snare you're using!

Eric "Rain Man" Gaston
Touring drummer for R&B/Soul legend Charlie Wilson

Tune for the environment

No more fidgeting with tension rods, fumbling with tuning devices, or making the band wait for you. With the ability to independently tune drumheads while playing, your sound engineer can more easily dial in the exact sound to fit the environment.

Drum techs will thank you

Rapid changes in temperature and humidity wreck havoc on backline drumsets. Dialtune makes it so easy to tune and swap fresh drum heads, your tech (especially if that's you) will thank you.

Made for the stage

Dialtune has been engineered to cut through the mix and sound great on any size stage. One snare with the sound of ten, this utility drum works as hard as you do.


A modern drum made for stages of all sizes

On tour with Hamilton

One snare with the versatility of ten

"The Dialtune snare has blown my mind from unboxing all the way to playing. The ease of changing heads and quick tuning has changed my life on the road and its versatility is impressive! I love that I now have a snare that not only dominates on a drum set, but also rivals any orchestral snare on the market! Talk about multi-functional! Thankful for the brilliant minds at Dialtune!"

Katie Steinhauer

Percussionist / Hamilton Broadway Tour

Get Your Dialtune Snare


  • Spend less time tuning, more time playing
  • Tune and change heads without moving microphones
  • Snares that easily adapt to any environment
  • Pro-sounding snares that work hard, so you don't have to
  • Backed by our Drummer Advisory Board

Hear Dialtune in action


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