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The evolution of drums is here!

Dialtune is a cable tuning system for drums. Using separate dials for the top and bottom heads you can find the exact sound you're looking for faster, change drumheads in under a minute, and explore new creative possibilities without compromise. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or just starting out, dialtune will take your drumming experience to another level! Thanks for checking dialtune drums!

Independent, single-point tuning

Tune While You Play

Find the exact sound you’re looking for using separate dials to independently tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

Quick-release hoops

Change Drumheads Fast

Dialtune's quick release hoops are the fastest way to change drumheads. Detune, swap, retune. Endless sonic possibilities.

Road-tested, cable pulley system

Studio, Stadium, Sanctuary

Dialtune has been engineered to sound great as you play and perform no matter where, or what you throw at it.

Hear Dialtune in action

Learn More About Team Dialtune

Though it feels like a decade ago, dialtune launched officially in January 2020. In our first year, we've seen our snares reach the far corners of the industry - championed by drummers of all skill levels and experience. One of our guiding values at dialtune is the belief that everyone is meant to fearlessly create.

The act of creation, whether it be a piece of music, a painting, decorating a space, or building a product is an inherently hopeful act. 

Creativity is a defiant act in the face of calamity. Some of our most timeless and piercing art has come out of history’s darkest hours. Art can act as a reminder of the bigger picture, the grander movement of humanity of which we are all a part. It can shake us out of the malaise of everyday trials and circumstances as if to say, “wake up!”, “take heart”, “have hope”.

Built for drummers, by drummers

At dialtune, we derive a lot of hope from our community, our customers, and our family of artists. Let’s keep building, keep creating, keep hoping. We invite you into the process with us. When you buy a dialtune snare, you’re joining a community of drummers who believe in seeing innovation from their industry. If you are not yet a customer, we hope we can welcome you to the dialtune family soon!


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