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We started from the ground up.

If drums were invented today, what would we do differently?

Independent, single-point tuning

Tune While You Play

Find the exact sound you’re looking for using separate dials to independently tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

Quick-release hoops

Change Drumheads Fast

Dialtune's quick release hoops are the fastest way to change drumheads. Detune, swap, retune. Endless sonic possibilities.

Pro-sound, any setting

Studio, Stadium, Sanctuary

Dialtune has been engineered to sound great as you play and perform no matter where, or what you throw at it.

Hear Dialtune in action

Dialtune snare drum, drummer using cross-stick on the snare drum.

Stick-saving S-flange hoops

Bigger X-Stick Sweetspot

Our engineered S-flange hoops provide a more focused and pronounced rim click sound than traditional hoops with the added benefit of reducing wear and tear on drumsticks due to the inward curve.

High-tech Synthetic Fiber

Zero Memory Cable

Dialtune's cable system uses high-tech synthetic fiber cable rated at over 500-lbs. Each length comes pre-stretched and carries zero memory, meaning it can be coiled and uncoiled easily without retaining any shape or structure. The cable is designed for smart failure, where it frays rather than snaps to prevent any damage to you or your drum. Play on!

Questions? We've got answers

Need to change a cable? Troubleshoot your snare? What bag or stand should you get?

We've put together answers to your most common questions!


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