Quick Start Guide - dialtune snares

What is dialtune? And what is a cable tuning snare drum?

Dialtune is a cable tuning system for drums. Using separate dials for the top and bottom heads you can find the exact sound you're looking for faster, change drumheads in under a minute, and explore new creative possibilities without compromise.

Cable tuning is not new, but dialtune has improved upon it! With dialtune's patented system, this is the only cable tuning drum that can independently tune the top and bottom heads using separate dials on either side of the drum. Additionally, changing drumheads doesn't require removing the cable. Our quick release hoops make changing a drumhead simple and easy.


When will you have other sizes of drums for sale? 

We are selling 6.5x14" snares right now on our website right now. At every stage of the process, we want to ensure quality and consistency before expanding. We're currently prototyping new shell sizes and materials and look forward to sharing more in 2021!


How much does a dialtune snare cost?

Our snares start at $999 for our 6.5 x 14" 10-ply maple snare available in three finishes.


What are your drum sizes and materials? 

We are currently manufacturing one size of snare drum: 6.5 x 14", available in 10-ply maple with three finish options to choose from - natural, honey maple, and espresso. We also offer a clear acrylic, and black-nickel over brass, both 6.5x14" as well.

We're always experimenting with new materials and finishes and will have more to share soon. Additionally, we plan to expand to new sizes of snares, toms, and a full kit in the near future! Stay tuned.

Will you ship internationally? 

We currently ship to all of North America. Our partner in the United Kingdom Rubix Drums is the best place to buy dialtune if you live in Europe. We will have more to share on international shipping soon!

Can I put dialtune on my current snare drum? 

Not yet. Because of the wide variety of snare drums on the market, each drum has a unique lug pattern that makes it difficult to apply dialtune's cable tuning system. To ensure the technology works, we are starting by making dialtune as a complete snare drum so we can have more control over the quality! We hope to tackle an aftermarket version in the future. 


Will dialtune explode if I drop it? Is it built to last?

We built dialtune to perform no matter what you throw at it. To prove this, we threw a drum off our 30ft roof to demonstrate dialtune's durability. Check it out below:

Does dialtune tune the top and bottom heads independently? 

Yes, you can control the tuning of the top and bottom heads independently using separate dials on either side of the drum. Check out our videos online for more information. 

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