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Dialtune gives you the flexibility to tune on the fly in seconds, whether you in church, on tour, this is the snare right here!

Terry Baker
Touring drummer for Gospel legend Kirk Franklin

Tune for the environment

No more fidgeting with tension rods, fumbling with tuning devices, or making the band wait. With the ability to independently tune drum heads while playing, your audio engineer can easily dial in the exact sound to fit the environment.

Maintenance made easy

Swapping drum heads is so easy, a worship leader could do it. But actually, it's really easy. Change a drum head in less than a minute with Dialtune's patented quick-release hoops.

Sound great no matter who plays

Whether you have a dedicated drummer or a rotating cast of musicians, Dialtune makes it easier for drummers and audio engineers to find a great sound no matter who's behind the drums.

Dialtune saves time, that's the biggest thing that blew my mind. And once you find that sweet spot, it's Amazing!

J.R. Nelson
Drummer for PH Mav City

One snare with the versatility of ten

A modern drum made for sanctuaries of all sizes

Independent, single-point tuning

Sound good, no matter who sits behind it

Whether your church has one drummer or ten, Dialtune makes it easier to get a high-quality sound that is as unique as the drummer behind it.

Quick-release hoops

Dynamic range built for worship

Dialtune gives you more options when it comes to finding that exact sound you're looking for. From gospel to contemporary to Christian rock, Dialtune is the one drum to fit it all.

Great live sound

Made for the sanctuary

Few environments are as unforgiving as a church setting, when drums are out of tune - people hear it. Dialtune snares cut through the mix to give you exactly the sound you're looking for.

Hear Dialtune in action


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