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Getting Started

We cover tuning, changing drumheads,
and finding your perfect sound

How to set up Dialtune

Place the drum on your snare stand with the snare throw-off facing you. If your snare stand isn't wide enough to grab the outer edge of the hoop, you can have it grab the inner flange of the hoop instead.

In this position, the right dial controls the pitch of the top head, while the left dial controls the pitch of the bottom head.

How to tune Dialtune

Dials on either side of the drum independently control the tension of the top and bottom drum heads. Turning clockwise increases tension, counterclockwise lowers tension. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Changing drum heads

First, release tension on the system using the dial by turning counterclockwise (left) until all the tension is fully released from the system and the drum head becomes loose.

Next, turn the hoop counterclockwise to disengage the hoop from the shoulder bolts from the slotted keyholes allowing the hoop, and then the head to be removed.


  • Can't get the hoop off? Try backing more tension off using the dial.
  • Can't get the hoop back on? Start by dialing back the tension more. Still having issues, tug on the cable between lugs to help reset and even the springs.

Swapping a cable


To change a cable, first follow the directions above to remove a drum head.

Use a 2.5mm hex/allen wrench (Note* Maker Series uses 2mm) to loosen the set screw and remove both dials.

Pull the cable out from the pulleys around the system.

With the old cable removed, insert the new cable into the gear housing, starting on the right side (recommend watching the video if you get stuck).

Loop the cable around the pulleys until you get to the last lug. Skip the last two pulleys and go straight to the left side of the dial housing.

Insert the cable like you did in the beginning and then loop the last two pulleys. Replace the head, replace the hoop, dial to tension.


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