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6.5x14 Black Nickel Brass


Brass snare shells bridge the gap between wood and metal nicely thanks to the bright, full and open sound. Our brass Dialtune snares have a distinct smack that can cut through dense musical performances, and typically carry a vibrant high-, mid-, and low-end; with a well-rounded overall musical sound. 

Can't decide between Maple or Brass? Check out our blog post!


  • 6.5x14" available in 1.2mm black nickel-over-brass or raw brass shell 
  • Dialtune patented cable tuning system
    • Die cast metal lugs
    • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
    • Our Dialtune high-tech synthetic fiber cable is rated at over 500lbs and caries zero memory, improving performance
    • Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes
    • Patented quick release hoops
    • Compact, lever-style throw off for easy snare wire adjustment

Each snare comes with one replacement cable in the box!
Additional cable may be purchased here.

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      6.5x14 Black Nickel Brass

      Changing the head on a dialtune snare drum

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Loving It!!

      I'm guessing I was like a lot of other people... Skeptical! Nervous! Worried! ...and several other emotions. Did as much research as I could, watching a lot of videos. For my review, I'm going to borrow from one of those videos. All of the tech stuff on this drum is really cool. After all, changing heads and tuning within minutes is wonderful. And I do mean WONDERFUL! The quality of the drum is phenomenal. It looks really good! Customer service is great! Response time has been very fast. The drum shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. All of this, however, means nothing at all if the drum doesn't sound good. And for that, I can answer without hesitation... IT DOES!!!!!!

      Andrew Parmelee
      Holy eff this is sweet

      Updating my previous review, now that I've had time with it. Best snare I've ever owned. Period. I slap one moongel or a snareweight on it and it can tame some of the resonation that my alt-metal band's sound requires.

      I am truly awful at tuning traditional drums, and this thing gives me the peace of mind that all of my tension points are exactly equal. The quick release head makes changing heads so quick. And it's heavy. Heavy as balls. Which gets me excited in ways I wish it wouldn't...

      All in all, incredible innovation.

      James Rose
      I got mine but it's wrapped up tight.

      Have to wait until Christmas to get my review.


      Didnt get it yet lol!

      Glad the snare finally arrived Andrew! Appreciate your patience and support!


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