New Shells are in! Parts are almost here!

New Shells are in! Parts are almost here!

Big week at dialtune this week! We finally left the garage and moved into a space of our own!  No more using drum shells as coffee tables.  As you can see from the photos there is some work to be done. 


Our new factory and office space


Light demo, cleaning, setting up racks and workspace, and taking a machete to the overgrown blackberry bushes out front (photos will be provided).  We could not be more excited to be in this space.  It represents a really cool milestone as a company and a team. 


dialtune snare shell with no hardware on it 

In other news, shells are finished and waiting for parts (pics).  Some fresh merch is en-route……..more to come on that later! And our custom drum parts are slowly making their way across the Pacific aboard the container ship Ever Eagle. Click here to follow the ship!

Note, smashing refresh won't make the ship go any faster... we've tried.


With June just around the corner we are weeks away from building and shipping our next batch of dialtune snares!  Orders continue coming in as anticipation grows!


Can we get a drumroll?

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