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Maker Series milestone!

Maker Series milestone!

Milestone news! We are officially sold out of our first full production of Maker’s Series dialtune snare drums. When we officially launched at NAMM in January of 2020, our goal was to introduce the world to our cable tuning technology and prove that cable tuning could go head to head with the best drum brands on the market. The last two years have shown exactly that. Not only have we sold through our ENTIRE first run of product, but the feedback from the community has been incredible! Dialtune snares are being featured on stages and in studios around the world, becoming the go-to snare drum for engineers, session drummers, and touring musicians alike. 

dialtune snare drum sold out

We want to thank every single early adopter who purchased a Maker’s Series brass, maple, or acrylic snare drum! Your snares are now part of drumming history. In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing some exciting updates on the future of our dialtune technology - meanwhile, we wanted to announce that we are retiring our flagship Makers Series line of drums. These individually tagged and serialized drums are now a part of drum history, never to be reproduced.

So, while we may be sold out of snares on, we wanted to point you to a few places where you can still find Maker's Series drums for sale.

If you haven't been able to get your hands on a Maker's Series drum, don't worry! We are hard at work bringing the next generation of dialtune technology to market.

Thanks again! And don't miss out on our upcoming announcements! 

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