Dialtune replacement cable

Dialtune replacement cable
Dialtune replacement cable
Dialtune replacement cable
Product image 1Dialtune replacement cable
Product image 2Dialtune replacement cable
Product image 3Dialtune replacement cable

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This is 2x lengths of additional replacement cable for dialtune snare drums.

Our cable is made of braided Kevlar and rated at 700-lbs. It comes pre-stretched and carries no memory, designed specifically for use in the dialtune cable tuning system.

While replacement cable is always free, we charge a flat rate $5 shipping and handling fee to cover our costs of making and sending the cable to you.

Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes, watch the how-to video here.

Note: Each dialtune snare drum comes with two (2) replacement cables.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josh Lucas
Replacement cable

The replacement cables for Dialtune snare drums are very durable! Be careful to take your time and be gentle when replacing the cables though. I rushed through my reinstall on my last cable and it only lasted a few days because I did a poor install. There is an instructional video that dialtune has and I suggest studying the video before trying to DIY. If you take your time on the install and really learn how to do it properly the cable should last a good 5-6 months of daily heavy hitting even at high tunings! Which is great because I think this drum is most well suited for recording sessions to begin with, so whether you are a session drummer or a live performer, the *Perfect* tone this drum offers should be a fair trade off for a 2x annual cable replacement. To put that into even better perspective, we change drumheads like 1-2 times a year anyway most of us I’d think so let me be clear this is a VERY good product and offers superior tone and ease of tuning. It is a drum that perfectly tuned itself with a dual, what more could you ask for!

Extra cable

Got this to have on hand as I purchased my new dialdrum (which also had an extra in the box). Arrived quickly. Doubt I'll be needing either anytime soon. Thanks!

mark childs
Hard. Time consuming!

I tried to thread the cable through but with fat fingers it was a challenge. I didn’t have enough cord at the end so I kept trying several times unsuccessful. Plus the ends of the cable kept coming apart so I couldn’t stick them through those tiny holes . So I sent the snare back. Great idea but to much time spent on a cable. Finally the snare is to heavy to move around.


Cables were brought. Came quick and safe!

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