Dialtune replacement cable

Dialtune replacement cable
Dialtune replacement cable
Dialtune replacement cable
Product image 1Dialtune replacement cable
Product image 2Dialtune replacement cable
Product image 3Dialtune replacement cable

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This is 2x lengths of additional replacement cable for dialtune snare drums.

Our cable is made of braided Kevlar and rated at 700-lbs. It comes pre-stretched and carries no memory, designed specifically for use in the dialtune cable tuning system.

While replacement cable is always free, we charge a flat rate $5 shipping and handling fee to cover our costs of making and sending the cable to you.

Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes, watch the how-to video here.

Note: Each dialtune snare drum comes with two (2) replacement cables.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
New Cable/Replacement Batter Side Hoop

The cable I ordered was delivered and seems to be of good quality.
The hoop on the other hand broke while I was playing. I’m not a constant heavy hitter so I was surprised when the edge sheared off. Upon closer review of the broken pieces, the metal appear to be of poor quality (porous like pot metal). Good thing this was covered by warranty. I wonder if this has been a known issue/ point of failure. I hope this was a fluke as these hoops are obviously not available off the shelf and waiting for a replacement is not ideal.

Hi Gil,

We are sorry you experienced a failure with your hoop! Our hoops are made from cast Z5 alloy and built to last. That being said, we have learned that the thumb tabs that are designed to assist with removing the hoop can cause a stress point when rim shots strike directly over the thumb tab. We have made a slight design change for future iterations that should solve this issue. Rotating the hoop to avoid striking the thumb tab while doing rim shots is recommended on the current design.

Thank you for being an early adopter of our first product to market and for providing critical feedback to help us improve our products! Our hoops are covered under warranty and a replacement was sent, though I apologize for the inconvenience.

We appreciate you and are glad to have you as a dialtune customer!

dj mxp

Amazing customer service

Josh Lucas
Replacement cable

The replacement cables for Dialtune snare drums are very durable! Be careful to take your time and be gentle when replacing the cables though. I rushed through my reinstall on my last cable and it only lasted a few days because I did a poor install. There is an instructional video that dialtune has and I suggest studying the video before trying to DIY. If you take your time on the install and really learn how to do it properly the cable should last a good 5-6 months of daily heavy hitting even at high tunings! Which is great because I think this drum is most well suited for recording sessions to begin with, so whether you are a session drummer or a live performer, the *Perfect* tone this drum offers should be a fair trade off for a 2x annual cable replacement. To put that into even better perspective, we change drumheads like 1-2 times a year anyway most of us I’d think so let me be clear this is a VERY good product and offers superior tone and ease of tuning. It is a drum that perfectly tuned itself with a dual, what more could you ask for!

Extra cable

Got this to have on hand as I purchased my new dialdrum (which also had an extra in the box). Arrived quickly. Doubt I'll be needing either anytime soon. Thanks!

mark childs
Hard. Time consuming!

I tried to thread the cable through but with fat fingers it was a challenge. I didn’t have enough cord at the end so I kept trying several times unsuccessful. Plus the ends of the cable kept coming apart so I couldn’t stick them through those tiny holes . So I sent the snare back. Great idea but to much time spent on a cable. Finally the snare is to heavy to move around.

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