Check out dialtune in action. See our demos, interviews, and hear what customers have to say below.

What is dialtune? This.

Cranked Brass vs. Maple Flat Low Pt.1

Mike Dawson (Modern Drummer)

Quick Microphone Comparison

Shell Comparison - Maple, Acrylic, Brass, Bronze

Cranke Brass vs. Maple Flat Low Pt.2

1.2mm Raw Brass v 10-Ply Maple Snare

Snare Drumhead Comparison

Quick-Start Guide

Dialtune 1-Min Maintenance Check

Get THAT Sound - Back In Black

How to replace a cable

How to get your snare wires perfect

Get THAT Sound - Smells Like Teen Spirit

@SoundsLikeADrum Review

dialtune in the recording studio

DRUM! reviews dialtune

American Riviera review

dialtune on Drumeo

Cole Paramore reviews dialtune

Worship Musician

Billy Sullivan review

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