Watch us throw dialtune off the roof

Watch us throw dialtune off the roof

Most of you by now have seen the video of our drum builder Nate dropping one of our dialtune snare drums off the 30ft high roof of our warehouse.  I admit, while entertaining, the video still makes me cringe every time I watch it.

Why did we make this video? The answer is simple. We built dialtune to be as rugged and road-ready as any drum on the market. And the only way to prove it is to demonstrate, even if painful, what our system is truly capable of.

Now, hopefully none of your drums will fall off counter or plummet toward earth from anything higher than a snare stand, but we wanted to show the durability of our dialtune snare drums. The precision of our system can sometimes give the impression of a delicate, almost watch-like quality; but while it is precise, it is also incredibly durable. It's important to note that the weight of the drum is also a result of the engineering we put into protecting the system, allowing this drum to continue performing night after night, no matter the abuse thrown at it. 

We've had a number of questions around whether this was one of our production drums, and the answer is Yes. This is the exact same drum we sell on our website. Just like any car or airplane goes through a series of safety trials before being cleared for public service, our drums must pass through a rigorous testing phase. As you can see, Nate doesn't pull any punches. Please know this drum did not suffer in vain and is proudly displayed on our studio wall as a permanent piece of dialtune history. 

Thanks for watching!

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