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Tuning and Mic Placement Comparison

Tuning and Mic Placement Comparison

One drum that can play different genres, effortlessly. That’s dialtune. Using separate dials for the top and bottom heads, dialtune allows you to more quickly find the exact sound you’re looking for in your snare - with each lug point in tune with the next. As drummers ourselves, and in talking with our community, we get that tuning traditional lugs is an art, and can even be Zen for drummers. But at the end of the day efficiency and creative expression matter - and that’s what dialtune provides. We put together a short video that demonstrates some of the breadth of sound that you can achieve with dialtune in seconds. 

Additionally, the past few months have given us an opportunity to learn more about microphone placement when recording drums. Recording these videos are always a learning experience. With so many options of microphones, so many opinions around mic placement - this is as much an art as it is a science. Below is our fun attempt at demonstrating the difference between mic placement in the recording mix, enjoy!


Learning how to properly mic drums is all about experimentation. And fortunately, there's some great resources to get you started. Here are a few great links we found that break down what it means to record drums:

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