2020. A Year In Review

dialtune launch party January NAMM 2020

Congratulations everyone! We've made it to the end of 2020. Though it feels like a decade ago, dialtune launched officially in January. In less than 12 months, we've seen our snares reach the far corners of the industry - championed by drummers of all skill levels and experience. In retrospect, 2020 might not have been the ideal year to launch a revolutionary product, particularly one that is best experienced in person. But that didn't stop you from sharing dialtune and getting the word out! 

As crazy as this year has been, there is a lot to celebrate. Following our launch party in January, even as COVID struck, we moved to our new warehouse, began assembly of production parts, and started shipping dialtune snares!

Here are a few highlights that stood out to us:

  • Our first review in Modern Drummer magazine, January NAMM Edition
  • Features in DRUM!, Sounds Like a Drum, Worship Musician Magazine, and DRUMEO
  • Passing 12k followers on Instagram (THANK YOU!!)
  • Collaborations with Woods Custom Drums and Savage Custom Drums on some killer custom snares (stay tuned for more info on this in January!)
  • Shipped hundreds of snares to drummers!
  • And BEST of all, we got to walk alongside many of your own personal journeys of creativity and resilience throughout 2020. Your stories, videos, recorded tracks, photos, and testimonies motivate us to continue delivering outstanding instruments designed to exceed expectation. 

In summary, we want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has followed the journey of dialtune over the past year and more. Thank you for the encouraging messages, for the honest feedback, and for spreading the word about our drums and the creativity that we are trying to share with the world. We can’t do this without you.

Here’s to the future!  A sincerely Happy New Year from our family to yours.

//Team Dialtune


David Williamson

As one of the First Dialtune Maple 61/2 by 14 Snare Drum owners.
This is the most engineered Drum on the Market.
The 9 ply Maple wood shell puts out warm solid tones.
I have used it Live, and in recording Sessions Jan NAMM 2020 to present.
This is a MUST have for all Drummers who use different Snare Drums for Sound.
This DRUM is so tunable so FAST allows you ONE (1) drum to EIGHT (8) Sounds from ONE Drum ! Order yours today. Proud to be a Dialtune Artist from the beginning of release.

Henk-Jan Wormgoor

Great innovation you made.
User ready design.
Would be nice to hear all your types of snare drums in You Tubes.

I can imagine based on this quick tuning/quick release design optimisations can be made in the future:
- lighter design by using stronger and lighter materials,
- make it stronger, more durable, fit in any case and on any stand,
- make custom designs on the hoops
- other sounds by using other materials or design for hoops,
- cooperation with No 1 drum (shell) brands like Pearl, DW, Ludwig, Tama, Sonor, Yamaha, etc.
- Making this available for toms and bass drums.
- Making this system to fit on any snare or tom/drum you want and choose it as an option: for instance a Supraponic or Black Beauty with this system.

Get it tested by Slagwerkkrant and other drum magazines around the world. Get it tested by Drumeo.
They can make a demonstration/lesson video on it.
Jared Falk and his staff like new drum stuff.

Best wishes and good luck.
Henk-Jan Wormgoor

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