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Dialtune finish options for pre-order

Hello dialtune fam!

With our next line of dialtune snare drums on the way, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the key design features:

Dialtune Exploded View

Hardware: A few subtle but important updates distinguish the current line of drums from the previous Maker’s Series.

  • Stainless Steel support rims have been laser cut from a solid piece of steel for maximum precision and rigidity. This allows for the right amount of spring while providing even tuning and preventing any bending or warping.
  • An updated dial face sports a sleek new logo design and and larger set screw for more positive connection.
  • A lighter weight, slimmer profile throw-off makes it easy to find just the right amount of sizzle from your snare wires.

Maple Shells: One of the biggest upgrades we have made has to do with our Maple shells. We shifted from a 10-ply construction to an 8-ply, but with thicker North American Maple plys. The result is a shell that is 2mm thicker and is the best of both worlds from a sonic perspective. The thicker shells keep the drum perfectly in round helping out tuning system be more consistent, while maintaining all of the warmth and attack that we love from maple.

These shells produce a well-rounded tone with a very wide tuning range, and a sound that works well for all styles of music. Tuned tight, our Maple shells deliver plenty of snap and crack, middle range is bright and robust, while tuned looser, the sound is punchy with good reverberation.

An addition, our team has developed a new snare bed profile that marries beautifully to our system and is designed for optimum sensitivity and response at any volume, across all areas of the drumhead.


Pre-Order Finishes

Dialtune finish options for pre-order


One of our best-selling color schemes, the clear satin finish highlights the “natural” beauty of the Maple wood grain, while sealing it and protecting it from the elements. The versatile look of this drum pairs well with almost any kit, complimented by the brilliant chrome hardware and unique features of the dialtune system.


Back by popular demand, the rich dark stain on our Espresso shells provides a sophisticated but woodsy vibe, with the subtle pop of the grain pattern visible beneath a durable satin topcoat. There is a reason we are bringing it back.

Matte Black

New for 2023, the Matte Black painted Maple snare drum is sure to become your favorite everyday carry. A secret weapon for stage or studio, this drum is a true stunner that will pair well with everything. The brilliance of the chrome plated hardware shines bright against the dark contrast of the shell which is finished in high quality paint that is durable, easy to clean, and will not alter the sonic properties of the shell in the way that some heavy lacquers might.

Matte Black Dialtune Snare


Black Nickel over Brass

Brass drums are just special. And the dialtune brass is no exception. Featuring a 1.2mm thick rolled brass shell with a Black Nickel-plated finish, this snare drum sings! Brass snare shells bridge the gap between wood and metal nicely thanks to the bright, full and open sound. Our brass Dialtune snares have a distinct smack that can cut through dense musical performances, and typically carry a vibrant high-, mid-, and low-end; with a well-rounded overall musical sound.

Whatever your preference, we are confident you will love the sound and versatility of your new dialtune snare drum. With a 10-day no questions asked return policy and a lifetime warranty on our custom hardware, you have nothing to lose but time!

Head over to our shop page to place your order today and become a member of the global dialtune family of drummers!

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