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The next iteration of Dialtune snares

The next iteration of Dialtune snares

Since we launched our Maker Series snares, we’ve been hard at work partnering with drummers and studio engineers to gather critical feedback and improve our tuning technology. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the next iteration of our Dialtune snare drums.

Updated Design. Even better sound. Now starting at $599.

Drummers on our waitlist are going to get first crack at limited pre-orders starting October 18th! Keep an eye out for an email with an exclusive link to order.

If you're not on the waitlist already, head over here and sign up! 

Dialtune snare drum

With this release, we build upon the groundbreaking work of our Maker Series bringing numerous quality of life improvements, including strengthened materials with greater durability, improved snare bed for increased sensitivity, and a price that won’t break the bank. Let’s dig in. 


Tuning just got even easier.  

Dialtune helps you find the exact sound you’re looking for using separate dials to independently tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone. To make this a reality, all elements of our snare need to work in concert with one another. Our cable forms the core of our system, a pre-stretched braided sleeve around a synthetic fiber core. With improved strength and wear resistance, you’ll still need to replace cable over time – but now, less often! Our 100% North American all-maple shells now feature a thicker, 8-ply configuration, with a offset double 45-bearing edge, hand waxed to allow a drumhead to slide more consistently and with precision as you tune up and down. Finally, subtle design changes have been made to our cast and machined parts – from pulleys to lugs to our patented dials with the goal of increasing durability and refining the aesthetic look and feel of our drums.

Tuning a Dialtune snare drum

Change heads in seconds 

Dialtune's quick release hoops are the fastest way to change drumheads. Detune, swap, retune. Our Maker Series set the bar for how the system works, and with this release we wanted to improve the consistency of what it feels like to change a drumhead each and every time. Starting with the hoops, we made improvements based on community feedback to the design of the outer hoop – specifically the angles of the S-flange and the thumb tabs, to strengthen durability over time. Our support hoop which mounts the shoulder bolts and pulleys is now laser cut from a single piece of stainless steel. This provides improved rigidity and precision, helping to ensure a smooth seat between the outer hoop and the support hoop. And no matter your drumhead preference - Aquarian, Attack, EVANS, Dunnett, DW, Ludwig, Remo, Roland or more – any modern 14” inch drumhead will work with Dialtune.

Dialtune changing drum heads

Pro sound, no compromises 

From the beginning, we’ve been obsessed with creating iconic snare sounds. We’ve engineered Dialtune to ensure zero compromise when it comes to finding that exact sound you’re looking for. Side by side with any other 14” snare on the market, Dialtune has a wider tuning range and will be more in tune over time thanks to our cable system. It’s the only drum you can independently tune while you play, keeping microphones in place, allowing you to record and play for hours on end.  

Let’s start with range. Traditional snares with tension rods rattle when tuned extremely low. Dialtune on the other hand has a pure, fat sound with no additional artifacts when tuned low. At higher tunings, drummers have to fight with tension rods to ensure the drumhead remains in tune as they crank the head up. Dialtune’s keeps the head evenly in tune as you explore the upper limits of the tuning range. And please, crank away. Dialtune’s system is designed to cranked safely to that ‘tabletop’ tight without failing in a way that endangers you or your snare.  

We’re also excited to debut our new snare bed profile. We've focused our design for maximum snare sensitivity and dynamic response across music genres, as well as volumes, when played. Our unique 5-hole venting system, designed low on the shell, is optimized to be out of the way and allow the drumheads and snare shell to freely resonate as air escapes during play.   

Holding Dialtune snare drum

Fresh finishes 

We’re bringing back some favorites and showcasing a series of new finishes. For our pre-order release, we've got four snare finishes to choose from:

Black Nickel Brass, $799

Dialtune snare black nickel brass

Matte Black, 8-ply Maple $599

Dialtune snare in Matte Black

100% Natural, 8-ply Maple $599

Dialtune snare in Natural

Espresso Stain, 8-ply Maple $599

Dialtune snare in Espresso



Drummers on our waitlist are going to get first crack at limited pre-orders starting October 18th! Keep an eye out for an email with an exclusive link to order.

If you're not on the waitlist already, head over here and sign up! 


Bruce Hollenbeck

Very interested in a 13" brass. I have had the original 14" maple and although it was a beautiful sounding drum, the physical size was somewhat cumbersome behind the set (and my preference has aways been brass). Please let me know if a 13" brass is in future of dailtune and if so when it will be available……Thank you, Bruce

Jorn poulsen

Matte black please.

MichEal Rafter

Can’t wait … thank you for working to improve the quality and make it more cost effective. Innovation is a beautiful thing!

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