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Getting Started


How is dialtune different?

dialtune is a cable tuning system that allows you to tune on the fly, change drumheads in under a minute, and explore new creative possibilities with zero compromises. While cable tuning is not new, how dialtune gets it done is. With dialtune, you can independently tune the top and bottom heads using separate dials on either side of the drum. Additionally, changing drumheads doesn't require you to remove the cable. Our quick release hoops make changing a drumhead quick and easy.

"You know it's a great snare when your front of house engineer walks all the way through an arena to the stage to see what snare you're using!"

Eric "Rain Man" Gaston

Touring drummer for R&B/Soul legend Charlie Wilson

"This thing is a gold mine. I can easily get all kinds of sounds tuning wise and now I also have a half dozen different snare heads at the ready which I can throw on at the drop of a hat which means super happy clients."

Matt Taylor

Recording Studio Owner

"I am a producer, session drummer, and touring musician and in all my experience I have yet to find a drum that can do it ALL until now"

Garrett P. Tyler

Drummer | Producer | MD | Educator

"I literally have goosebumps... This is a total game changer!"

John Clifford


"Stop debating, get one!"

Nathan Novak

Worship Drummer

The dialtune snare collection

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