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Announcing Acrylic and Brass shells

Announcing Acrylic and Brass shells

Big news! We're thrilled to add Acrylic and Brass 6x5.14" options to our lineup of dialtune cable tuning snare drums. Available starting today, we're taking pre-orders for dialtune snares featuring acrylic and brass shells that will ship this fall. Our pre-order quantities are extremely limited!

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Acrylic shells

If you’re all about aesthetic, acrylic is the way to go. These see-through drums have been in the public eye for many years. John Bonham is famous for playing the Vistalite Acrylic kit during the 1970s. Acrylic shells have an insane “crack” and a projection that puts many of the top-tier wood kits on notice. Acrylic shells have incredible attack and power while maintaining a well-rounded high-, mid-, and low-end. 

Brass Shells

Brass bridges the gap between wood and metal nicely thanks to the bright, full and open sound. Brass drums have a distinct smack that can cut through dense musical performances, and typically carry a vibrant high-, mid-, and low-end; with a well-rounded overall musical sound. 


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