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What snare case or bag fits dialtune's 6.5x14" drums?

We're back for another edition of "What [insert gear] fits my dialtune snare?". In today's post, we're going to talk about snare cases and provide some options we've battle-tested for durability and strength. Given dialtune's oversized 14" hoops, most 6.5x14" snare cases will fit, but that fit may be a little snug.

So with that, let's get at it. Here are three solid snare case recommendations at different price points:

$$$ Humes & Berg Enduro Pro Foam Hard Case

$$ Ahead Armor Case Soft Shell

$ Humes & Berg Galaxy Series Soft Shell

Read on for more information:


$$$ Humes & Berg Enduro Pro Foam Hard Case

Humes & Berg Enduro Pro

Rough handling and soggy weather are no match for this foam-lined Humes & Berg Enduro Pro snare drum case. Yes, dialtune snares have oversized 14" hoops, but the Enduro Pro cradles dialtune like a baby. The hard shell is compromised of a water- and impact-resistant polymer that's shockingly strong. No joke, we dropped one out of our truck to see what would happen. The results, a ****-ton of scratches to the case, ZERO issues with the drum. A good case is a good insurance policy.

The Enduro Pro's snug internal foam lining, which resists tearing and coming unbound, protects drums from surface scratches and shocks in transit. We felt safe tucking our dialtune snare in each night, and you should too!


$$ Ahead Armor Case Soft Shell

Ahead Armor Case

This was BY FAR our favorite soft shell that we tested. Anyone can make outlandish claims about the quality of their drum bags, but Ahead has the goods to back it up. First of all, the Armor snare drum bag's TruForm design corresponds to the shape of dialtune's oversized hoops, allowing for a snug yet not overly tight  drum fit. On top of that, the zipper configuration makes taking dialtune in and out of this case is a breeze.

Finally, Ahead's DX-Core provides peace of mind, thanks to two layers of high-impact foam padding plus the softness of a premium-grade Sherpa fleece lining. We wanted to sleep in here. This is a steal of a deal.


$ Humes & Berg Galaxy Series Soft Shell

Humes & Berg Galaxy

We love Humes & Berg, and of the less expensive options this was a solid choice. This soft case is made from a specially formulated nylon and cushioned with half-inch padding to protect your dialtune from scuffs, scratches, and light impacts.

HOT TAKE: If you've got $10-15 extra dollars, just go buy Ahead's Armor Case.

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