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Founders Thoughts

Founders Thoughts

Hey everyone!

Bryan Bedson from dialtune here. We're starting a monthly blog post where I will be sharing some of my process in the journey of building and growing dialtune.

The theme for this month is hope.

One of our guiding values at dialtune is the belief that everyone is meant to fearlessly create. The act of creation, whether it be a piece of music, a painting, decorating a space, or building a product is an inherently hopeful act. To create is to believe that what you are doing right now matters. We make beautiful things with the hope that they will inspire, bring life, add value, or communicate truth. To create is to organize chaos. It is active, not passive.

Creativity is a defiant act in the face of calamity. Some of our most timeless and piercing art has come out of history’s darkest hours. Art can act as a reminder of the bigger picture, the grander movement of humanity of which we are all a part. It can shake us out of the malaise of everyday trials and circumstances as if to say, “wake up!”, “take heart”, “have hope”.

At dialtune, we derive a lot of hope from you, our supporters, customers, and family of artists.

We officially launched product in January of this year. One month later, the factory where our custom hardware is manufactured was shut down. Product that we were supposed to have in February did not arrive until late June. Orders were coming in and we had no way to fulfill them.

During this time, we took great encouragement from everyone in the community. We could not be more grateful for our customers. We did not have a single cancelled order or request for refund as the months dragged on. In fact, we received nothing but understanding and support as we diligently worked and waited for the parts to arrive.

The feedback we have received from you about our drums, the phone calls, emails, and continued belief in what we are doing has kept us energized and given us hope and excitement for the future of dialtune and the industry as a whole.

For that I sincerely want to say THANK YOU!

Let’s keep building, keep creating, keep hoping. We invite you all into the process with us. And if you are not yet a customer, we hope we can welcome you to the dialtune family soon!

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