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Dialtune Snares Earn Rave Review from Modern Drummer

Dialtune Snares Earn Rave Review from Modern Drummer

Big news! Modern Drummer magazine recently reviewed the latest iterations of our innovative snare drums and the feedback was incredible! The reviewer Jason Mehler highlighted the simplicity of our system, noting the improvements made since we first launched in 2020. 

Mehler raved about the sound quality, stating "I was impressed that the heavy hardware did not deaden the sound." He described the brass snare as "bright and pronounced, with plenty of body" and having "extremely responsive" snare wires that produced "distinct, articulate ghost notes that contrast the full-bodied accents and rimshots."

Modern Drummer review

For the maple snare, he said "The drum is very versatile, sounding great across the tuning spectrum, however, the drum really shined for me at low tunings. I love the warm snare thud with a clean decay when the heads are tuned down."

Our tuning system itself drew high praise: "The tuning system works incredibly well due to the pulleys and bearings. There is constant, even tension on the head as you turn the dial. Tapping the drumhead around the edges produces the same pitch around the entire drum."

Mehler marveled at the ease of tuning, stating "I can't say enough about the ease of tuning the Dialtune snares and the ability to tune the heads separately...With the Dialtune drums, it's so easy to try different combinations of tensions and produce completely different sounds."

Overall, he concluded "One only must look at a picture of a Dialtune drum to know that the company means business. Now that I've had the chance to try them out, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend hunting down a Dialtune drum for testing or purchase."

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