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What snare stands fit dialtune's 6.5x14" drums?

What snare stands fit dialtune's 6.5x14" drums?

One of the most consistent questions we receive is "What snare stand should I use for my 6.5x14" dialtune snare drum?". The short answer is you can make nearly any stand "work", but given the weight and oversized hoops on dialtune, some snare stands work better than others.

We've put together an example of how to get "most" snare stands to work by grabing the inner flange of the hoop - watch this video to see how.

That said, if you're looking at getting a new stand for your dialtune snare, we have some recommendations at different price points.

$$$ DW 9000 Heavy Duty Double Braced Tom/Snare Stand

$$ Pearl S-1030 Snare Stand

$ Tama HS80LOW Road Pro Snare Stand - Low Profile

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$$$ - DW 9000 Heavy Duty Double Braced Tom/Snare Stand (DWCP9399)

This DW stand features a crutch tip with an integrated Neoprene isolator for optimal resonance. It offers a removable, offset basket for easy positioning and quick snare changes, and the larger footprint gives the 9399 a sturdy feel, ensuring your snare sits exactly where you want it. The result is a heavy-duty, road-worthy stand that gently supports rack toms and snare drums from 10-16" in diameter. A dialtune favorite!

DW 9000 Tom/Snare Stand


$$ - Pearl S-1030 Snare Stand

The Pearl S-1030 snare stand is sturdy, silent, and adjustable. It's perfect for both stage and studio work. The die-cast pipe joints are built to withstand punishment, and its newly designed Trident Tripod Base and double-braced legs provide good stability. Oversized rubber feet keep your snare firmly in place, whereas Pearl's GyroLock tilter lets you position your snare exactly where you need it. What's more, the new Air Suspension Rubber tips promote increased resonance.

Pearl S-1030 Snare Stand

$ - Tama HS80LOW Road Pro Snare Stand - Low Profile

Tama's Road Pro is a good stand at a good price. This HS80LOW offers a low-position basket, which you can set nearly 4" lower than the standard Tama's standard HS80W snare stand. The Road Pro snare basket itself allows the HS80LOW to accommodate a wide range of 12" to 15" snare drums (for dialtune, make sure you max it out to cradle the outer hoop), as its unequally spaced, asymmetrical basket arms and independently rotating basket won't interfere with your drum's strainer and snares. The Escape Claws also bring out the most in your drum, allowing it to float instead of clamping it down tight and killing the resonance.

Tama Road Pro Snare Stand

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