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The NAMM Show: A Dialtune Perspective

The NAMM Show: A Dialtune Perspective

The NAMM Show: A Dialtune Perspective

For decades, the NAMM Show has served as a gathering place for artists and builders. It brings together a global community eager to witness the evolution of music-making.

In January 2020, Dialtune debuted our Maker’s Series snare drums at NAMM, signaling our entry into the world of music creation.

The 2024 NAMM Show mirrored the industry's shifting landscape, particularly through the absence of small manufacturers. This change not only reflects the resilience required to thrive but also the changing tides of business within the industry.

The spotlight at this year's show was on electronic kits, with most exhibitors presenting e-kits that emulate the acoustic experience. This contrasted sharply with the minimal advancements in acoustic drumming.

For Dialtune, NAMM 2024 was about genuine connection. It was a chance to meet face-to-face with artists and fellow builders, to share in the joy of drumming, and to listen—really listen—to what makes your experience with your drum kit more enjoyable.

Our Journey Through NAMM

From the outset, we've been guided by the drummers' voices and feedback:

  • 2016: With our ideas and patents, we began by listening to what drummers needed.
  • 2017: Our first prototype made its debut, gaining valuable insights from industry players.
  • 2019: The unveiling of our fully functional prototype snare drum resulted in our first pre-orders.
  • 2020: We launched our Maker’s Series snare drums, a testament to overcoming challenges and responding to the needs of drummers.
  • 2024: With continued refinement, we're proud to offer a snare drum at $599, marrying improved craftsmanship with accessibility.

Looking Ahead

Our journey continues. Will NAMM 2025 see us introduce a full kit? Stay tuned. 

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