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The dialtune 6.5x14" snare is the next evolution in drumming. Featuring an all-new patented cable tuning system, quick release hoops, and the ability to independently tune the top and bottom head.
Cable Tuning System

Two cables run the circumference of the drum, one for the top head, one for the bottom head, independently controlled by a tension dial. In order to apply tension evenly across the entire head, we use a cam and pulley system mounted to the shell. We've engineered the pulley system to mitigate any loss of tension as the cable runs around the drum.

The biggest advantage of cable tuning over lugs and tension rods is the ability to increase and decrease tension evenly across the drum head using a single point of tension.

Quick Release Hoops

In order to take cable tuning to the next level, dialtune features patented quick release hoops. No need to un-thread or cut the cable, simply de-tune the drum using the dial, make a slight counter-clockwise turn on the rim, and pull off the hoop to replace the drum head.

This is made possible by the addition of our free floating"subhoop" design.

Independent Tension Dials

dialtune can independently tune the top and bottom head using separate dials.