6.5x14 Maple Snare

6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
6.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 16.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 26.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 36.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 46.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 56.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 66.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 76.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 86.5x14 Maple Snare
Product image 96.5x14 Maple Snare

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Tuning is Simple

Use separate dials to independently tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

    Swap Heads Fast

    dialtune's quick release hoops allow you to detune, change a drumhead, and retune in under a minute. 

    Don't Compromise

    dialtune has been engineered to hold tension as you play and perform no matter what you throw at it. If you don't love it, we guarantee your money back


    • 6.5x14" 10-ply Keller maple shell
    • dialtune patented cable tuning system
      • Die cast metal lugs
      • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
      • Braided Kevlar cable rated at 700-lbs, doesn't stretch and carries no memory. Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes
      • Patented quick release hoops  
    • Finish stains come in Natural, Espresso, and Honey Maple  

    Getting started with dialtune

    How to replace a cable

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      Surprisingly Incredible

      I've got this thing cranked and have been slamming on it for three weeks, all rim shots, and I'm very heavy handed. It hasn't slipped or fallen out of tune what so ever. I'm beyond impressed. This can actually allow me to record some new music I could never do with a conventional drum where I'm retuning up the bottom two lugs between each song. I rolled the dice and I feel I've won big with my dialtune snare drum.

      Best Snare Ever

      I bought this snare for my husband and he was overjoyed when he saw the box. He has had a great time playing it and has said he will never need to buy another snare again. Thank you for creating a snare that has brought him so much joy!

      High quality piece of gear!

      No complaints so far.

      Everything a drum should be!

      Hard to go wrong with this drum. We all know how good it sounds and how easy it is to change the tune and swap heads, but this is a drummers dream. Every aspect, from the snare wires to the throw to the rim, just perfection. And the way this drum projects is powerful.

      I hope they get into making more than just snares!

      Perfect snare!

      Not only is the snare pretty much perfect, the customer service is amazing! This just might be the last snare i ever purchase!

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