6.5x14 Maple

6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
6.5x14 Maple
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Dialtune uses 10-ply maple snare shells that express warm tones, a very wide tuning range, and a sound that works very well for all styles of music. The tonal quality is produced by multi-ply shells of hand-selected maple, and they offer excellent resonation throughout the tuning range. Tuned tight, these shells deliver plenty of snap and crack, middle range is bright and robust, while tuned looser, the sound is punchy with good reverberation.



  • 6.5x14" 10-ply Keller maple shell
  • dialtune patented cable tuning system
    • Die cast metal lugs
    • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
    • Braided Kevlar cable rated at 700-lbs, doesn't stretch and carries no memory. Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes
    • Patented quick release hoops  
  • Finish stains come in Natural, Espresso, and Honey Maple  


What makes dialtune different?

Single-point Independent Tuning

dialtune’s fully patented system uses two single-point tension dials to independently and evenly tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

    Bigger Range

    dialtune’s cable and pully system eliminates unwanted vibration and hardware rattle at lower tunings, expanding the tunable range of the drum

    Real-time Feedback

    Tuning each head independently allows you to explore the audio relationship between the top and bottom head in real-time, even while you play!

    Change Drumheads Under 1-Min

    dialtune's quick release hoops allow you to detune, change a drumhead, and retune in under a minute. 

    Built to Last

    dialtune has been engineered to hold tension as you play and perform no matter what you throw at it. If you don't love it, we guarantee your money back



    Getting started with dialtune

    How to replace a cable

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 35 reviews
      Snare drum is great.

      Really glad I added this snare to my studio. Went with Maple natural. Really solid & well made. I am a recording studio owner for 25+ years (not a home studio). While I'm not primarily a drummer I do have a kit set up, mic'd & ready to go. I had always relied on my lead engineer drummer to handle the studio kit prior, but when I saw this drum it meant I could dive into the drum sound far more easily yet let drummers get the snare back to a place they might prefer quickly. For me it's really great as I can dial in a tone to experiment with for different songs. So far, I've had two drummers here since getting this drum a couple weeks ago - they thought it sounds great. It records really well, and I haven't put back the stock set snare or either of our signature snares back on the kit other than the first day to do some A/B comparisons. This snare is really versatile - I love the low deep tones and control. I use Evans rings and can get a wide range of tight, deep, ring, etc with this drum.. The 3-way throw is cool. The snare is heavy (quite) and does take a little effort to get placed in the snare stand at first. I have it setup with the top head dial on left side (bottom head dial on right), which puts the 3 position throw in front and the snare tightener screw + flip release in back. It is taking a little getting used to for remembering to release the snare wires from the rear of the snare (I play guitar primarily and turn off the snare when playing amps in the live room). No complaints, though. Did have a question at first and called the company, they got right back to me. Really pleased I took the jump with this snare.

      Recording Studio Loser -Jeremy
      What they heck dialtune

      Great now I have have to burn all my other snares. Great.

      Jeffrey Kozol
      Fantastic Drum

      This drum sounds great! I can quickly change tunings for any sound I want. It’s perfect for live gigs and recording. It’s my “go to” snare!

      Kelson Camp
      The flavor unlocking versatile beast.

      Not only can you quickly dial in the snare, top and bottom head tension, but now with how quickly heads can be replaced on this thing, HEADS have now become apart of the sound decision making process like never before. Absolute desert island snare.

      Dan Engerer

      Absolutely awesome. Smooth, feels like butter. Never played a better sounding snare drum. Can change heads in less than 30 seconds. A true game-changer.

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