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Bryan & Bryan | dialtune co-founders

dialtune is first and foremost about improving the experience of playing drums. We aim to make products that drummers truly need. In doing so, we hope to inspire new realms of creativity and generate a greater passion for playing.

In making dialtune, we set out to improve upon the process of tuning. From the dial design to the quick release hoops, we've left no stone unturned and no detail unattended to. 4 years, countless prototypes, and a lot of listening to drummers like you have culminated in delivering a radical new drumming technology that aims to change the experience of drumming forever.

the inspiration

There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in drumming over the last 40 years. We’ve seen new materials and manufacturing processes, but the formula hasn’t really changed. The ’50s brought us Mylar drumheads, double bass pedals in the ‘60s, electronic drums in the '70s, and Moongel in the ’90s. We believe dialtune is the next wave of drumming innovation.

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