6.5x14 Brass

6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
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Brass snare shells bridge the gap between wood and metal nicely thanks to the bright, full and open sound. Our brass dialtune snares have a distinct smack that can cut through dense musical performances, and typically carry a vibrant high-, mid-, and low-end; with a well-rounded overall musical sound. 



  • 6.5x14" available in 1.2mm black nickel-over-brass or raw brass shell 
  • dialtune patented cable tuning system
    • Die cast metal lugs
    • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
    • Braided Kevlar cable rated at 700-lbs, doesn't stretch and carries no memory. Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes
    • Patented quick release hoops


dialtune drums Quick Start Guide

Sounds Like A Drum - Full Review


What makes dialtune different?

Single-point Independent Tuning

dialtune’s fully patented system uses two single-point tension dials to independently and evenly tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

    Bigger Range

    dialtune’s cable and pully system eliminates unwanted vibration and hardware rattle at lower tunings, expanding the tunable range of the drum

    Real-time Feedback

    Tuning each head independently allows you to explore the audio relationship between the top and bottom head in real-time, even while you play!

    Change Drumheads Under 1-Min

    dialtune's quick release hoops allow you to detune, change a drumhead, and retune in under a minute. 

    Built to Last

    dialtune has been engineered to hold tension as you play and perform no matter what you throw at it. If you don't love it, we guarantee your money back

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Dale Rampton
      A great sounding and innovative drum !!

      Mere words can’t do this invention justice. Nevertheless I’ll say a few things. First and foremost it sounds full in all registers. With other snares, I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking and tuning each lug in order to get it feeling and sounding good. When the sticks fly off a well tuned snare drum, it’s a great feeling and opens your drum skills to a higher level. This drum does that in mere seconds and always sounds great. As a professional who has played a lot of high profile gigs in the last 45 years, I can honestly say this is the best snare drum I’ve ever played. If sounding good and/or being versatile and saving time are important to you then you want to have this drum. It’s worth every cent of its price tag and much more. I hope they develop an entire ‘dial tune’ drum set.

      Yuri Selukoff
      5 stars all the way!

      At the time of writing this review, ALL reviews for ALL models are 5 stars. There's a reason for that. This drum is actually THAT good!

      (And if someone ever posts a less-than-5-star review, I will only have one quesiton for that person: Dude, what is wrong with you?)

      I won't be describing the actual benefits of this drum - the other reviewers have done a fantastic job doing that. Please be sure to read those.

      I suppose my only complaint would be that my absolute favorite snare drum muffler - Snareweight #5 (not the leather one, the big heavy metallic one) - does not stick to the rim. That thing is held by magnets, and this drum's rim is not magnetic. Not a deal breaker though. Although I'd appreciate some sort of solution for this.

      The other complaint would be that the drum is super-heavy. But boy does that pay off for cross-sticking! All that extra hardware weight certainly rings very nicely during cross-stick playing!

      David Ramie
      My new incredible snare drum

      This drum is everything it promises and more. Nicky Bagz’s demo really sold me

      Joe Albright
      Love this snare! !!

      This drum lives up to the hype. I purchased a black brass snare . The build quality is excellent . All the tuning mechanisms work smooth and do exactly what they claim to do! Extremely easy to use .
      This Drum sounds and feels incredible when you play it. Has an extremely wide tuning range and sounds great no matter where you adjust it to.
      Even at its lowest tuning it’s still sounds good and is useable.
      Rimshots and rim clicks are very loud
      Changing drum heads is super fast and easy. It’s nice to try different batter heads out for different sounds in under 30 seconds. Perfect for the studio
      Being able to tune the top or bottom head separately on the fly to get the sound and feel your looking for quick is amazing!
      They also added a Dw 3 position throw off. This drum was very well thought out and finally a company got the no drum key tuning thing right!
      Been playing for 37 yrs and I presently own 8 snare drums , 3 Sonor a black beauty and various other top of the line drums and this to me sounds and feels the best when played. Very sensitive , responsive and doesn’t choke when played hard.
      I sold my keplinger snare 2 weeks after playing this and others are now for sale. Can’t recommend this snare drum enough!
      Customer service is top notch and Bryan Bedson is an awesome guy to deal with.
      Get one. Trust me you won’t regret it.

      Jansen North
      Fantastic Snare

      What a fantastic and expressive snare. It did everything they claimed it would and more. The customer service was fantastic and they are creating a product that is not only usable but inspiring. The tonal and artistic possibilities at arms reach are endless.

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