6.5x14 Brass

6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
6.5x14 Brass
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Brass snare shells bridge the gap between wood and metal nicely thanks to the bright, full and open sound. Our brass dialtune snares have a distinct smack that can cut through dense musical performances, and typically carry a vibrant high-, mid-, and low-end; with a well-rounded overall musical sound. 


  • 6.5x14" available in 1.2mm black nickel-over-brass or raw brass shell 
  • dialtune patented cable tuning system
    • Die cast metal lugs
    • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
    • Braided Kevlar cable rated at 700-lbs, doesn't stretch and carries no memory. Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes
    • Patented quick release hoops


dialtune drums Quick Start Guide

Sounds Like A Drum - Full Review


What makes dialtune different?

Tuning is Simple

Use separate dials to independently tune the top and bottom heads while keeping a clear and consistent tone.

    Swap Heads Fast

    dialtune's quick release hoops allow you to detune, change a drumhead, and retune in under a minute. 

    Don't Compromise

    dialtune has been engineered to hold tension as you play and perform no matter what you throw at it. If you don't love it, we guarantee your money back

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Fantastic Snare

      What a fantastic and expressive snare. It did everything they claimed it would and more. The customer service was fantastic and they are creating a product that is not only usable but inspiring. The tonal and artistic possibilities at arms reach are endless.

      BEST snare I’ve ever played

      This snare has it all and caused me to shelf my collectors bell brass with gold hardware as well as my 13ply collectors pure purpleheart. Those two will now be used as deep snares to the left of the hats. This dialtune will be my forever main, unless I end up getting the dialtune bell bronze one day which will probably happen in a few years Lol.. but seriously this dialtune drum has floating hardware and the only thing that actually touches the shell is the snare throw off/butt plate, everything else is floating about a fourth of a millimeter off the shell for maximum resonance/sustain. The top and bottom are infinitely and independently adjustable which is great for quick experimental tuning..this drum will teach you a lot about ideal snare tuning combos between batter and reso, and will also be the penultimate snare drum for corporate band drummers doing 40 song sets in which each song might be by a different artist, you will be able to retune the snare in between songs to match the snare tones from the records, thus giving your audiences the most authentic listening experiences.. I can’t say enough good things about these dialtune drums in just a few paragraphs, it would take atleast 10 paragraphs, but I’ll close with the fact that dialtune cut no corners with these drums and spared no expense and you do get what you are paying for with these!!!!!!!!! The tone is out of this freakin world man. Also for anyone wondering, the hoops do sound very diecast!!!! They just have a different shape, but GOTTA be atleast 3mm if not way thicker, giving a very diecast cut in the rimshots!!

      Game changer in the studio and on stage

      There hasn't really been any eye catching innovations for a while in the drumming world... dialtune changes that.

      Being able to change heads and tune accurately in seconds with the confidence of always producing a satisfying snare hit makes all the difference for drummers and audio engineers.

      I'm hoping to purchase another model once the opportunity presents itself.

      Make sure to get a strong snare stand as this drum is much heavier compared to your average snare drum.

      Highly recommend this drum. Fast delivery and great team!

      This thing is a CANNON!

      I have some of the best snare drums in the game and this by far is my favorite. I will FOR SURE invest in more of Dialtune products!

      It's 100% worth the price! So happy!!

      Worth Every Penny !!

      Just want to say thank you for the speedy shipping and delivery of the newest addition to my drum room.
      I am so stoked!!
      What a beautiful instrument!
      This snare allows me to be so much more creative, and accommodating in various music genres on the fly. The ability to choose head tensions is awesome, but equally impressive is the rate of speed with which you can switch out heads. With the myriad of options in drum heads in todays market, the sonic possibilities are seemingly endless with the dial tune.
      I'm looking forward to exploring these possibilities for many years to come!

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