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6.5x14 Acrylic


If you’re all about aesthetic, acrylic is the way to go. These see-through drums have been in the public eye for many years. John Bonham is famous for playing the Vistalite Acrylic kit during the 1970s. Our dialtune acrylic shells have an insane “crack” and a projection that puts many of the top-tier wood kits on notice. These snares have incredible attack and power while maintaining a well-rounded high-, mid-, and low-end. 


  • 6.5x14" acrylic shell
  • dialtune patented cable tuning system
    • Die cast metal lugs
    • Independent tuning dials for top and bottom drumheads
    • Braided Kevlar cable rated at 700-lbs, doesn't stretch and carries no memory. Restringing cable takes between 5-15 minutes
    • Patented quick release hoops  

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    6.5x14 Acrylic


    Getting Started

    Everything you need to know, click below:

    Dialtune snare drum, drummer using cross-stick on the snare drum.
    Changing the head on a dialtune snare drum

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Bruce Kanoho jr
    A Hawaiian’s Review 🤙🏽

    Thank you dialtune for this beautiful snare it’s a real game changer for the music industry 👍🏽 And your services was very awesome you guys rock

    Ned Kramer
    Just as described

    This is fun drum. It makes drumming easy and with new ways to make music that a drum could not offer before.


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