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Dialtune Snares In-Stock and Available Today!

Dialtune drums are in stock and shipping today! To celebrate this milestone, over the next two weeks we're offering free shipping and a dialtune crew hat with every snare order*. Enter the discount code YOURSOUND at checkout with both a snare and hat in your shopping cart.

Thank you to EVERY drummer who has contributed to making dialtune what it is today. Through countless prototypes and feedback from drummers like you, we've arrived at a drum that offers zero compromise, bringing a radical new technology to the market aimed at changing the experience of drumming forever.

Dialtune is first and foremost about improving the experience of playing drums. In doing so, we hope to inspire new realms of creativity and generate greater passion for playing. From the dial design to the quick release hoops, we've left no stone unturned and no detail unattended to.

Looking back on the last 40 years, drumming innovation has been slow. The '50s brought us Mylar drumheads, double bass pedals in the '60s, electronic drums in the '70s, and Moongel in the '90s. We've seen new materials and manufacturing processes for acoustic drums, but the formula hasn't really changed. We believe dialtune is the next wave of drumming innovation.

Join the growing family of drummers making dialtune the centerpiece of their collection.

dialtune snare drum on stand

*Offer ends Monday July 6, 2020, hats while supplies last

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