Build your dream custom snare with dialtune x Woods

Hey friends! We're thrilled to introduce our collaboration with Canada's own Woods Custom Drums. Woods makes some of the most incredible custom shells on the market,  specializing in turning circles out of some of the most expressive tree material on Earth. If you're looking for the ultimate custom snare, this is it. With a myriad of options to choose from; classic Ash, Maple, or Birch, or something more unique like Cherry, Oak, or Walnut, Woods can build it.

dialtune and woods custom snare drum

Ash - Shines in the low-end, making drums sound bigger than they are. Shares similar warm qualities with maple at higher tunings.

Birch - Birch shells are vastly different from maple with its tone being punchy and aggressive.

Cherry - Warmer and darker than maple shells, with deeper low frequencies that punch more than crack. Similar in character to walnut.  

Maple - Warm, expressed tones with a wide tuning range. A great all-around shell.

Oak - Another dense wood, like Birch, its hard material offers a punchy tone with a ton of low end

Walnut - A hard wood that gives off a darker, more powerful tone.

Don't know what you want? Contact us! We'd be happy to chat through options with you.

EACH DRUM IS MADE TO ORDER, delivery 8-10 weeks from purchase. 

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